Andy Lawrenson learned to play the violin through busking on the streets of Europe, Scandinavia, England, Scotland and Ireland, before returning to University of Northumbria to complete a music degree in the mid 1980’s. He was a prominent figure on the North East Folk and Jazz scene, working with Ian Carr, Keith Morris, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, and the North East folk music agency Folkworks amongst others. 

   The Andy Lawrenson Trio has been working since around 2012, Andy now manages and gigs extensively with the trio, runs music workshops and teaches violin and guitar in North Yorkshire

Paul Grainger started playing the double bass comparatively late in the day yet has quickly become an in-demand player on the North East scene and further afield.  He has worked with, among others, Anita Wardell, Robin Aspland, Tristan Mailliot, Tessa Souter, James Birkett, Daniel John Martin, George MacDonald and Alice Grace. He is also a founder of, and resident bass player for the highly regarded Newcastle based Jazz Cafe ‘Jam Sessions’. 

In addition to being part of the Andy Lawrenson Trio, Paul also works with the Bradley Johnston Trio, the Alan Law Standards Trio, Mick Shoulder’s Swing Manouche, and the Niffi Osiyemi Trio.

Simon O’Byrne has been a professional guitarist for over two decades. His accomplished guitar playing celebrates  the style and swing of the jazz-genius Django Reinhardt, mixed with a flamenco flourish and echoes of the great Paco de Lucia.

“Simon is an excellent guitarist.” Albert Lee.